Welcome everyone to Hamsa Ayurveda. My name is Emma and I am a Practitioner of one of the world's oldest and time-tested systems of medicine, Ayurveda. My practice was established in 2015  with the mission of empowering individuals to regain control over their health. The intention is for this digital space to be a place of education, exploration and contact with a paradigm of medicine as unique as the individual themselves. In Ayurveda we look to the natural patterns in nature, formed by the 5 elements themselves as the macrocosm of all that exists inside us. Through my own exploration in healing severe digestive imbalances, I have found this path to be one, not of modern fads, but of profound truth embedded in its very nature. Through working within this system of medicine I am able to provide tools for the individual to grow themselves, and to take their physical, emotional and spiritual health into their own hands. 

In Ayurveda, we are always looking towards the root cause of imbalance and avoiding the symptomatic application of herbs and therapies. For this we see that the approach of Ayurveda is necessarily slow, intentional and long-lasting in its benefits. We take into account the complexities of the entire human - mind, body, and yes, even spirit, to explore how to guide the individual towards the fullest expression of themselves. By addressing the root cause of imbalances and disease through diet, lifestyle, herbs, yoga, meditation, and subtle energy therapies, clients are able to reconnect with their optimum health, and for obstacles created by the body and mind to fall away.

I am fascinated by the individual's capacity to awaken - to see the world and experience the world through eyes open and curious about its wonders. As I witness my own and my client's ability for constant growth, healing and evolution I simultaneously see the layers we have shed to reveal new skin and new possibility. So much of our suffering (both physical and emotional) is based on the elemental imbalances our bodies accumulate throughout life. The shedding of these layers is not only possible, but it is dharmic - what we are born to do. 

Thanks for visiting and exploring the world of Ayurveda with me.

In love and service,