Are you ready to begin a healing journey? By addressing the root cause of imbalances and disease through diet, lifestyle, herbs, yoga, meditation, and subtle energy therapies, clients are able to reconnect with their optimum health, and for obstacles created by the body and mind to fall away. Services are offered in several locations. Please see top menu bar to 'Schedule an Appointment' and request a location upon scheduling.


BURLINGTON, VT at Burlington Ayurveda located in the Railyards Apothecary. 270 Battery St, Burlington, VT 05401.

WILLISTON, VT at The Ayurvedic Center of Vermont. 34 Oak Hill Rd, Williston, VT 05495.

WINOOKSI, VT in her private practice. 


Initial Consultation

75-90 min/$90




Ayurveda uses a personalized approach to health. During consultations we determine your specific mind-body type or constitution which allows you to make optimal choices about nutrition, exercise, supplements, and all other aspects of your lifestyle. A primary mode for determine one's constitution and state of imbalance is through listening to the pulse.  This science of life connects you with your optimum health, and allows obstacles, created by the body and mind, to fall away. We work together to determine a protocol that is appropriate and manageable. Clients come away with wellness plans that incorporate any combination of diet, lifestyle, herbs, yoga, meditation and cooking/food preparation recommendations. 

Follow-up Consultation

30min/$45, 60min/$65




Follow-up consultations allow clients to return to review progress made, challenges met, questions developing, and to receive continued support in response to the original protocol. We assess any changes experienced or new conditions developed and review your chief concerns to guide future treatment.

Follow-up consultations are scheduled on a case-by-case basis and based on your individual needs. 

Packages of 3 and 5 sessions are available. Please inquire for more information. 

5 or 10-Day Guided Cleanse

Uncover your inner and outer vibrance through a 10-day guided cleanse.  Perfect for enlivening your digestive system, addressing fatigue and food allergies, bringing mental light and clarity, and jumpstarting the metabolism. Clients receive a complete Ayurvedic evaluation used to design the detox program that is right for their needs and wellness goals. Programs involve specific dietary considerations, a day-by-day meal schedule,  herbal protocol, and direct support from your practitioner throughout your cleanse. 

This detox includes: 1 Ayurvedic consultation, 3 fifteen-minute check-ins, a complete herbal and dietary protocol, day-by-day suggested therapies (done at home or by practitioner). 


Private Cooking, Cooking Classes & Catering for Small Events


Private Chef Services, call for pricing

Have wellness-based, Ayurvedic meals prepared in your own home! In-home Private Chef Services offer a variety of services from setting up your pantry based on Ayurvedic principles and the health needs of you and/or your family to personal menu crafting specific to your needs and preferences. Basic pulse-diagnosis and health intake in which to base personal menus is also offered. These services can run on a recurrent timeline (daily, Bi-weekly, Monthly, etc) or as needed.  Session lengths are based on desired menu items and complexity of dishes. 

In-Home Private Catering, call for pricing

Offer a unique experience for your guests by providing them the tastes, nourishment and comfort of a homemade Ayurvedic meal. Learn the specific beginner or advanced skills in Ayurvedic cooking from the energetics of culinary spices to the specific healing properties of the vegetables, grains, legumes, seeds and proteins that make up your meal. Clients choose from set menus or may make special meal requests. 

Cooking Classes, Beginner or Advanced, call for pricing

Discover the principles and delights of Ayurvedic cooking that make vitality, digestion and wellness attainable for anyone. Classes can begin in the grocery store where we choose our ingredients for each dish or in your own home. Depending on prior knowledge and class participants, various aspects of Ayurvedic cooking are explored. Topics include the energetics of household herbs and spices, nourishment of your individual dosha or body/mind/soul constitution, food combining practices, principles of digestion, and eating rituals for a healthy relationship with food. 




Stress Management & Detox Therapies 

60-90 min *based on treatment

Kati basti  Application of medicated oils to the pelvic or lower back region.

Kati basti Application of medicated oils to the pelvic or lower back region.

Marma therapy  activating  angustha mula , a point that improves circulation and hepatic congestion.

Marma therapy activating angustha mula, a point that improves circulation and hepatic congestion.

BASTI - Localized oil therapy

Oil treatments, known as basti, in Ayurveda involve the local application of medicated oils to various parts of the body including neck, low back, heart, pelvis, navel and spine. A vital tool in pain management, these oil treatments heal by means of drawing out chemical toxicity and releasing emotional sources of pain that stagnate in the tissues. 



MARMA THERAPY - Acupressure

marma is a vital energy point in the body. In ancient times, they were called bindu – a dot, or mystical point. Activating marma points through simple, mindful and systemic pressure by the practitioner opens the channels of the body, allowing prana or vital energy in the body to flow naturally. Marma treatments have both immediate and long-term benefits of regulating hormone levels, harmonizing neurochemical secretions, and allowing for the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms to function optimally.



AYUR-YOGA - Therapeutic Yoga Coaching

A blend of hatha yoga, pranayama (breath work), and meditation practices to harmonize the mind, body, and soul which follow the principles of Ayurveda. Both private sessions and take-home protocols are designed to help address client concerns and craft a holistic approach to the root cause of an individual's imbalances.

30/60/90 min sessions available.


75 min

Traditional Ayurvedic oil therapy is considered snehana, meaning self-love. Warm oil, specific to your body's constitution, is applied to in long, luxerious strokes, inducing deep relaxation and leaving the recipient with a sense of profound nourishment and groundedness. This is a fantastic therapy for all but specifically individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, dryness and a general lack of groundedness if their bodies. At the clinic, abhyanga therapy is followed by a warm herbal bath allowing for the medicinal properties of the treatment to penetrate into the body's deep tissues.