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Spring time is here. Even in Vermont we're seeing changes... I can hear the birds singing a louder tune, feel a strong yearning to bathe in sunshine. I'm even even getting a little tired of soup (gasp!). Spring time begs us to clean out the closets and get rid of the excess. And it doesn't need to stop at just the home. This is the season in which cold, heavy and sticky qualities accumulate in the body. You can see it in nature too... as the snowy trails start to melt the ground becomes thick with mud and slush. As without, so within! 

It's Springtime and its the time that our bodies ask for a reset as well. By employing a simple dietary regimen, basic Ayurvedic therapies, and herbal supports specific to your constitution, deep, inspiring and radical change is possible!

Uncover your inner and outer vibrance through a 5 or 10-day guided cleanse.  Perfect for enlivening your digestive system, addressing fatigue and food allergies, bringing mental light and clarity, addressing menstrual difficulties, skin issues and jumpstarting the metabolism. Clients receive a complete Ayurvedic evaluation used to design the cleansing program that is right for their needs and wellness goals. Programs involve specific dietary considerations, a day-by-day meal schedule,  herbal protocol, and direct support from your practitioner throughout your cleanse. 

This detox includes: 1 Ayurvedic consultation, 3 fifteen-minute check-ins, a complete herbal and dietary protocol, day-by-day suggested therapies (done at home or by practitioner). $150