Sometimes its not what you eat, but HOW you eat. Our environment, mood, and the company we keep is a part of eating that is just as important as things we actually put inside.

I'm guilty of so many eating habits we try and avoid - chowing down on a breakfast burrito while driving 75 on the freeway, for example (blushinggg), is just one of them. Here are some tips to help create habits that promote stellar digestion and a strong metabolism!

1. Relax. Meals should be eaten while our nervous system is in rest mode.
2. Chew yo' food. So important! Digestion begins in the mouth, so take your time. Practice chewing your first bite of food at least 15x to set the pace for the rest of your meal.
3. Don't eat while upset. 
4. Be in good company! - Preferably while talented and loving friends serenade you on a sunny Saturday morning (@hannahkate) or just generally with great friends and family. Meals are a chance to share, communicate and feel connected. 
5. Begin a meal. Try beginning a meal with some sort of gratitude or prayer for the gift of having food to fill your belly. 
6. End a meal. Find ritual around taking your last bite of food. Try having a small glass of hot water or ginger tea to rinse your pallet and promote smooth digestion. 
7. Dine without distraction! That's right - TVs, phones, computers, and magazines away! The more we bring our attention away from the meal in front of us the more we are unsatiated by our food. That's when we reach for that something sweet or second servings, because we weren't present for the nourishment of our food the first time around. 
8. No iced or cold beverages. Halts digestion. Inhibits absorption of minerals. Gives ya gas. Take the time to grab a glass of room temp or warm tea/water to have with your meal.

OK. Putting the burrito down. Turning on the kettle. Over and out.