It's not what it looks like! OK, it is if you're thinking this is a smooth, fragrant, and soothing DHUMAN experience. Here we've got a rose, chamomile, and locally grown tobacco smoking mix. It's amazing to see that, just as the classic texts of Ayurveda convey, any substance can act as medicine and anything as poison. 

#Dhuman, or the inhalation of smoke of certain herbs, helps to purify the mind. The classic texts tell us that, depending on what we use, we can smoke dhuman to relieve congestion, headache, hair loss, drowsiness and more. It is said that "the wise should smoke twice daily, by inhaling through the nose, closing the other nostril, and exhaling through the mouth."

Some things we can use in smoking blends include ashwagandha, dashamula, and holy basil, which benefit Vata dosha; chamomile, rose and sandalwood, for Pitta; and licorice, saffron, cinnamon and clove, for Kapha. There are even herbs we can incorporate in tobacco blends to help cut back on cigarette addiction and cravings. Dhuman is just another example that when we use a substance in the right way, for the right person, at the right time, that all substances, from foods to herbs, have the capacity to be our best allies.